Kitchen Essentials

  • Creative Simple Spatula Rack Spoon Mat Storage $8.90
    • Keeping the kitchen tidy & organized.
    • 75 degree non-slip, not easy to shift
    • Eco-friendly material, high quality

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Drawer Cutlery Utensils Tray Store Organizer $39.90

    Organize your kitchen drawer with this clever storage solution. The design has tiered compartments for your cutlery as well as space for utensils and gadgets so you can easily fit two drawers into one.

    • Unique design creates more space in your drawer
    • Stacked compartments for different cutlery
    • Large utensil compartment
    • Twin gadget compartments
    • Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 8cm (3¼ inches)

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Easy Colander & Strainer $12.90

    The Colander & Strainer is a must-have for all homes! With its elegant design and lightweight construction, it makes drying your greens, fruits, rice and even utensils easier than ever before. Just lift the strainer up, pour away excess water—it’s that simple!

    • Sturdy & ergonomic side lift handles
    • Elevated & anti-scratch base
    • Comes in 4 colours (Blue, Green, Grey, Red)

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Flip Style Spice Jar Storage $12.90


    • Organize your cooking seasoning tidy. Easy to take your spice choice.
    • Not only for seasoning, can be store powders such coffee, snack, sweets, and more.
    • Comes with a separate spoon which easy to take out the spice.
  • Horizontal Knife Storage Box $8.50
    • Knife Holder: creative, practical, quality, comfortable
    • Easy to organize and take
    • More convenient to take, knife storage, cutting tools storage to save space

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Modern Round Utensils Holder $14.90

    Our round utensils holder is a convenient way to store your spoon, forks, and knives, keeping them organized and off the countertop. The ceramic base is actually a water-absorbing feature that means you’ll never have to dump water out of this holder, but you can still rinse it off anytime with no hassle.

    • Dedicated Knife slot for added safety
    • Comes with platform to hold short utensils such as teaspoon or fruit fork
    • Absorbent pad to prevent water accumulation
    • Easy to wash & maintain

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Multifunctional Seasoning Bottle $8.80
    • Plastic, with Spoon, Multipurpose
    • Moisture and dustproof, good sealing.
    • Thick and durable, easy to clean.
    • Bright and transparent design, easy to use
    • Superb craftsmanship and smooth corners.
  • Premier Rice Box $25.80

    Our Premier Airtight Rice Box is a well-designed, convenient and protective container for your grains! Featuring an airtight seal, it helps to maintain freshness while keeping out unwanted bugs. It’s easy-to-open lid makes it convenient to retrieve and refill rice. Designed compactly & durably, this container holds up to 10kg of rice while saving kitchen pantry space!

    • Holds up to 5kg of rice or other types of grains
    • Translucent front lid for easy viewing of contents
    • Comes with a measuring cup with volume lines

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Simple Non-Slip Storage Tray $11.90
    • Simple and fashionable, elegant
    • Diatom mud design, side water absorption
    • Irregular Inclined board, convenient for filtration
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