Kitchen Essentials

  • 3-Step Spice & Condiment Rack $18.90

    Never stress about where to find your condiments again! With its step design, you can store sauces, display skincare & even plants on this versatile rack. With rounded edges for the safety of the young ones, this is a must-have in any kitchen.

    • 3-Step design to maximise space & improve reachability
    • Rounded edges for a kids & mum friendly design
    • Use in kitchen cabinets, countertops, garden, desk or bathroom

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Creative Simple Spatula Rack Spoon Mat Storage $8.90
    • Keeping the kitchen tidy & organized.
    • 75 degree non-slip, not easy to shift
    • Eco-friendly material, high quality

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Drawer Cutlery Utensils Tray Store Organizer $39.90

    Organize your kitchen drawer with this clever storage solution. The design has tiered compartments for your cutlery as well as space for utensils and gadgets so you can easily fit two drawers into one.

    • Unique design creates more space in your drawer
    • Stacked compartments for different cutlery
    • Large utensil compartment
    • Twin gadget compartments
    • Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 8cm (3¼ inches)

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Easy Utensils & Cutlery Wall Holder $10.90

    Keep your utensils handy with the Easy Utensils & Cutlery Wall Holder. This 2-tier wall mount organizer is made of durable material. Features a drainage insert to keep water from collecting on the bottom shelf and ruining your utensil collection. Suitable for mounting on walls and placing on countertops, keep your utensils neat today!

    • Removable 2-tier drainer for disposing water
    • Durable & elevated base
    • Comes with wall adhesive for mounting on wall, no drilling required

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Extendable Fridge Sliding Organizer $12.90

    Turn your fridge into the ultimate storage space with our unique Extendable Fridge Sliding Organizer. In just moments, you’ll have enough space to store your food, drinks, and more! Easily slide in and out of your fridge for easy access. It’s time to say bye-bye to those pesky items that we always forget about!


    • Extendable design to suit your fridge and your preference
    • Made with food grade & BPA free PP material
    • Suitable for fridge, cabinets, drawers and more

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detail dimensions

  • Extendable Kitchen Rack Organizer $17.90

    Optimize your kitchen space with our durable double-layer kitchen organizer. Whether you’re on the hunt for more space to store your growing collection of spices, or you just want to make more room for your plates, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our extendable kitchen rack has a unique design that allows it to extend from 40cm to 72cm. It’s a must-have for anyone with limited cabinet space!

    • Made with sturdy and long-lasting stainless steel
    • Easily extendable to fit all cabinet shapes and sizes
    • Max weight: 13-15 kg

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detail dimensions

  • Flip Style Spice Jar Storage $12.90


    • Organize your cooking seasoning tidy. Easy to take your spice choice.
    • Not only for seasoning, can be store powders such coffee, snack, sweets, and more.
    • Comes with a separate spoon which easy to take out the spice.
  • Food Wrap Dispenser $16.90
    • Punch-free Fixing Food Wrap Dispenser Cutter
    • Cutter Foil Cling Film Wrap Dispenser
    • Plastic Sharp Cutter Storage Holder Kitchen Tool

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Hand Pulling Meat Chopper $13.90

    With our Magic Hand Pull Chopper & Blender, it’s easy to chop, grind or mix your favourite ingredients! Simply add chunks of food inside, pull the handle, and the blades will finish chopping in less than a minute. Its unique blade system is perfect for chopping garlic, ginger, onion, nuts, meat or fruit etc.

    • Perfect for garlic, ginger, onions, nuts, meat (for mincing), fruits (for salads & ice creams) & more
    • Twist lid to lock and unlock easily
    • Anti-slip base paddings for added stability
    • Note: ensure that container is on a stable surface and that lid is locked securely during usage

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Kitchen Colorful Pot Lid Rack $8.90
    • High-quality PP Material
    • One-piece molding, convenient cleaning
    • Special design, can place various sizes of lids and cooking utensils

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Modern Round Utensils Holder $14.90

    Our round utensils holder is a convenient way to store your spoon, forks, and knives, keeping them organized and off the countertop. The ceramic base is actually a water-absorbing feature that means you’ll never have to dump water out of this holder, but you can still rinse it off anytime with no hassle.

    • Dedicated Knife slot for added safety
    • Comes with platform to hold short utensils such as teaspoon or fruit fork
    • Absorbent pad to prevent water accumulation
    • Easy to wash & maintain

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Multifunctional Seasoning Bottle $8.80
    • Plastic, with Spoon, Multipurpose
    • Moisture and dustproof, good sealing.
    • Thick and durable, easy to clean.
    • Bright and transparent design, easy to use
    • Superb craftsmanship and smooth corners.
  • Premier Rice Box $25.80

    Our Premier Airtight Rice Box is a well-designed, convenient and protective container for your grains! Featuring an airtight seal, it helps to maintain freshness while keeping out unwanted bugs. It’s easy-to-open lid makes it convenient to retrieve and refill rice. Designed compactly & durably, this container holds up to 10kg of rice while saving kitchen pantry space!

    • Holds up to 5kg of rice or other types of grains
    • Translucent front lid for easy viewing of contents
    • Comes with a measuring cup with volume lines

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Push-type integrated BBQ brush $8.50
    • Safe to use: Use barbecue brush for cooking, don’t worry about the danger of poisoning.
    • High quality: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, frost resistant, and abrasion resistant.
    • Easy to clean: Silicone cookware is an indispensable kitchen utensil, which will not stain or leave a peculiar smell. The brush can be easily cleaned by hand.
    • These brushes are perfect for use with eggs, sauces and marinades, making them the perfect tool for applying your favorite glaze.
    • A good companion for cooking: Whether you are a professional chef or just cooking for your family or friends, squeeze type/dip type for your choice, your kitchen is the best quality product. Our brush is your first choice and best choice
  • Simple Non-Slip Storage Tray $11.90
    • Simple and fashionable, elegant
    • Diatom mud design, side water absorption
    • Irregular Inclined board, convenient for filtration
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