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  • Aluminum Alloy Headphone Holder $21.50
    • Stable & durable .
    • Base—non-slip silicone.
    • Chamfer + silicone pad, protect earphone.
    • Premium quality aluminum alloy stand for presenting or laying down headphones and headsets.
    • Perfect for all over-ear and on-ear headphones.
    • U-shaped design – anti-drop.

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Desktop Dichromatic Pencil Holder $12.90
    • Dichromatic design, compact and it fits perfectly on any desk.
    • Perfect for organizing any desk, counter, or tabletop at home or in the school and office.
    • Made of high-quality plastic material, the pen holder is sturdy and functional and matches any decor.
    • It is not only an office desktop stationery supply organizer but also a featured makeup brush holder or desktop decoration.

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Double-layer plastic desktop organizer $15.90
    • High-quality PP material, strong and durable
    • The double-layer design can store more small items
    • Multifunctional shelf, a helper for desktop organization

    Dimensions: Select colour for detailed dimensions

  • Self-adhesive Under Drawer Storage Box $13.50
    • Hidden storage box, the small box can hold a lot of things
    • Pens, rulers, compasses, paper towels, scissors, mobile phones and other objects
    • Large-area adhesive has good bearing capacity and does not fall close to the surface

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

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