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  • Double-layer plastic desktop organizer $15.90
    • High-quality PP material, strong and durable
    • The double-layer design can store more small items
    • Multifunctional shelf, a helper for desktop organization

    Dimensions: Select colour for detailed dimensions

  • Mini Desktop Storage Box $15.90
    • Simple fashion style, elegant color
    • Lattice design, top-notch can also be placed
    • Can also be placed in dressing table store cosmetics transparent drawer inside things clear
    • Can be placed in the living room to accommodate various small items, take easy, easy to receive
    • Desktop storage box, box design, with small drawer, sorting out various items, take away freely

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Self-adhesive Under Drawer Storage Box $13.50
    • Hidden storage box, the small box can hold a lot of things
    • Pens, rulers, compasses, paper towels, scissors, mobile phones and other objects
    • Large-area adhesive has good bearing capacity and does not fall close to the surface

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Space Saving Desk Drawer $21.90
    • Stretch design, bottom stretch, easy to take
    • ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable
    • Large-capacity space, not only can be loaded with stationery, but also enhance the style.

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

  • Stylish Under Table Drawer Storage Box $13.90$21.90
    • Larger capacity.It is suitable for different items and size of refrigerators.
    • Make full use of space, classify effectively, and take things conveniently. Use it on the fridge compartment so that it is no longer messy and tidy.

    Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions

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