Stackable Dry Food Storage Container


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The new Stackable Dry Food Storage Container is specially designed to keep your dried goods (such as pasta, herbs, grains and beans) moist-free. Featuring a wide opening, it allows you to easily dip a measuring cup into its contents. With its sleek black and clear design, it adds a touch of modernity to food storage today!

  • Lid with dual lock clips for easy usage and to keep pests out
  • Wide opening for easy access into its contents
  • Stackable design for space maximisation
Airtight information
  • Silicone lining provides a good seal to keep out moisture
  • Recommended for dried goods usage. For wet food items that requires a tighter seal with a locking mechanism, check out our Staples & Snacks Airtight Container and Freshly Food Containers.


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